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  1. bambina says:

    I’m glad that the story of the Kurdish youth has not been forgotten..What is important to keep in mind is the way in which the past dictates understandings of oneself in a society that has no tolerance for anything other than the “ideal citizen” i.e. originating from Turkish language, ethnicity and religion.

    Future behavior in regards to exposure of past social violence is an area which has little premise in Turkey. It’s crucial for people to understand how the older generation of Kurds have been treated and the ways in which it affect the youth. An interesting program that deals with this very need to confront the past is called, “confronting continual social trauma” directed by the human rights foundation of turkey. Until Turkey is willing to re-write the actual history of the country and its dealings with minority groups, there will always be conflict with the imagined history; which makes its way from government policy actions all the way down to the education system.

    Through the throwing of stones the youth are making themselves heard in a place that gives them no voice; a place which disregards the violence and torture inflicted upon those who disagree. Leaving aside the absurdity of 25 years in prison for children as young as 8 or 9, the tensions between any minority group in Turkey will not be resolved until people are willing to confront the atrocities of the past. Without understanding and truly recognizing what has been done, the country will be in a cyclical battle with its own citizens.

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

    Just to add something here, that mostly the Kurdish issue is been used in the course of diversion and references to the problem donnot derive from a sincere political approach, an approach that may contribute to the solution of the problem. To be more specific, the pre-election period is running out and both AKP and CHP are doing their best to obtain a bit of political profit from the Kurds.
    Indeed since the state’s institutes (such as schools, army not to disregard tv) are aiming not to comprehend the Kurdish factor, but to control and marginalize it instead, i don’t think that the future is that promising too.
    And as you aptly put it, “a cyclical battle between the state and its own citizens” will continue while no reconciliation will be applicable since self-criticism is something unknown for the Turkish state.

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