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(Source: Eleftherıakoı )


The purpose of this message is to inform you briefly about what is happening the last days in Greece and to appeal an international call of solidarity to all anarchists worldwide. (more…)

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First of all, our injured comrade is recovering in a central Athens hospital where she spent the night. Her injuries were serious and so it is possible that she will spend another night there.

Yesterday’s anti-IMF demonstration in central Athens was very sizable, considering it was only called by grassroots trade unions and leftist groups. Around 5-7,000 people marched through the city. For the first time in months, there were clashes with the police and property destruction along the route. This, combined with the ruthless attack by the Dias motorcycle police at the end of the demonstration (where the comrade was injured) hint at a very heated demonstration tomorrow – the annual commemorative demonstration for the 1973 student uprising at the Athens Polytechnic.

The symbolism is extremely vivid: we find ourselves at the very same gates where the students were being crushed by the forces of the Junta’s army in 1973. Right there, the “democratic” police beat up demonstrators senseless, run over crowds and – as the photographs below document, they even throw chairs (!) at demonstrators. There are no veils left, this is a new totalitarian regime we are faced with.

The photographs from last night, at the gates of the Athens Polytechnic (click on the image for a larger, undistorted version)

…and so, the poster below is more telling than most: this is a junta, and it should be treated as such.

The poster reads “Demonstration against the Junta. Wednesday November 17th, 3pm, Klauthmonos Square. Comrades from the Open Assembly of Anarchists for a Unified, Polymorphic Movement”.