Solidarity is not a word, it is how we live

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On the 17th of October, our boss was clear : 5 hours a day and 40% salary reduction. Two days later, after a general assembly of 280 attendees the workers’ response was “If you proceed, we will go on strike”. On the 31st of October and only 5 minutes before 3 in the afternoon, the first dismissal was delivered to a workers’ house; followed by another 18 in the same evening. Within one hour of the first dismissal, the workers had closed down the factory, went on strike and after 26 days, they were heard around the world.

 It is noteworthy that the only elements that the workers have is their own work: increasing production from 196,000 tons last year to 266,000 tons this year.

On the 14th of November, the owner of the “Greek Steelworks” Mr. Manesis admitted to the chairman of the workers that he didn’t expect so much fighting spirit and determination from them. He (the chairman) replied that not all unions are the same. “Over here Mr. Manesis” he said, “there’s fire and iron”..

Greek Steelworks SA

While they were on the 32nd day of strike, another 16 dismissals were delivered, showing that the industrialists are still not considering their struggle.

The strikers found support from unions, federations and associations of workers from Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Pakistan, Malaysia, and the wave of solidarity is complemented by the local community, from institutions but also by ordinary people who support them morally and materially, with food, supplies, money and unwavering love.


Victory to All Workers

“For the steelworker there is no way back! We are hard working men in the worst conditions nowadays. Men that have lost 7 co-workers the past 30 years, whilst the rest of us are fighting with the threat of cancer and other dieseases. We shall not become slaves in the hands of the industrialists! If we lose, we sign the begining of the defeat for the working class. We want and we need you by our side. Together they can not bend us.”

Yet the industrialists are waiting for them to get tired, to return to work with their heads bowed. The owner has blackmailed and terrorized them with another 180 layoffs.


“Victory to the steel workers!                                

Strike! We will go on strike!     Our response is solidarity!



Solidarity to the steel workers!”“Keep going!We will win!



The workers’ message is final : “It is either us, or them. We can distinguish friends from enemies.”

Support the strikers steelworkers in all ways possible : resolutions, announcements, press releases by trade unions, neighborhoods, youth and women organizations, everywhere, outside the Factorys gate, financial aid and gathering food for the strikers families.


You have chosen the road of honor.

All together as a fist you have already won.

You should not go back to work for 500euros!!

The industrialists are waiting around the corner

Your victory is close.

Let’s join and see each other on strike.

Victory to the steel workers!



Your financial support of the strikers is also crucial. The local union does not have own funds and the survival of the strike depends solely on our support. Please transfer to the following account:


IBAN: GR 40 0110 2000 0000 2006 2330 152


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